Facts and Matters

It’s amazing what a human will sense when they are afraid; the things which they would have normally ignored in their day-to-day lives come to the forefront. Due to ignorance they are seen as something other than what they really are.

The soft whooshing noise in the background, simple air currents that even the lowliest insect can detect, turn into the murmurs of ghosts. When felt on the skin, they are like soft caresses. Every time someone notices them is one time too many. It’s enough to drive them insane.

Mundane objects even seen from the corner of ones eyes quickly become vanishing shapes. Human eyes are more sensitive than what one would assume, especially at the corners. It’s all evolutionary, nothing more than a helpful adaptation.

But the shadow that streaks across your vision like an ephemeral black ribbon, so fast and yet so slow?

You’re crazy.


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